MakerBot 3D printer has become very popular nowadays in many universities and even in some high schools as it is quite easy to setup and use in general. I have one in my current lab so in this post, I will show some steps to make a small part from a 3D design with Inventor and MakerBot’s software (MakerWare). By using Autodesk Inventor with Makerbot 3D printer, we can create a prototype in a fastest way. Here I just assume that you have already known to design a part with Inventor and I assume that you are equipped with one of the best affordable 3d printers available, hopefully.

– Software used: Autodesk Inventor 2013, MakerWare v2.4.1.27
– Printer used: MakerBot Replicator 2
– Material used: MakerBot PLA (weaker than ABS)

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Hello everyone, the title says all about this post: my first ever blog post on my first ever private page with WordPress. I’m still learning to customize it but I just plan to keep it as simple as possible to save more space and time for other important things. This will be the place where I share my experiences, my stuffs and hobbies, mostly on electronics related things, photography and even music. Hope you can find something interesting hereĀ  in every future posts. Stay tune !