For the last few days, I have recently received some stuffs I ordered from Ebay and Hobbyking so I decided to write this post to tell my own story, opinion on different shopping habits.

electronics stuffs online vs traditional market


Back to the time when I was in my home country – Vietnam, everything has been sold through traditional markets from food, clothes to electronic stuffs, components that I used to buy for my projects such as capacitors, resistors, ICs, microcontrollers, etc. To be an electronics engineering, I only mention about electronics-related things here in this post. One advantage of this kind of trading ,in my opinion, is that it is very convenient for those people who need to buy components urgently for their last-minute project as everything is available there. Moreover, I found the price here is quite cheap and very affordable compared to some online electronics distributors suchlike RS, Mouser… due to unofficial trading directly from China suppliers. This may good for someone who starts to learn electronics, mostly students and amateur hobbyist. Things become difficult for those people who chase new technology, up-to-date or rare components as the market only sells traditional, popular one. Moreover, shopping online in Vietnam is just at a beginning now with many barriers between the sellers and buyers.

electronics stuffs online vs traditional market

Nhat Tao market – Biggest market on electrical and electronics stuffs in the South of Vietnam

How about me ? I used to love the traditional way when I was there in my home. The reasons are somethings I have mentioned above plus the difficulty in payment and shipping oversea to Vietnam due to strict import regulation. Since I went abroad (Singapore), everything has been different. I realized that every electronics, hardware component from online marketplace is nearly the same price or even cheaper than those retail shops. Besides, I can buy most updated components, semiconductor devices that I never find in any store in my home country. That is great because I am able to catch up with the new released technology for applying to any of my project.

However, online transaction could not make you happy at all due to slow shipping time, broken during transportation, even unusable stuffs depending on seller responsibility and reputation. Last time I bought one lenses for my camera from Ebay and the price is about $220. If I bought that same lenses at some retail shop at my place, it would be raised to over $400, what a big difference ! But thanks God, it has arrived safely in good condition and been working properly until now.

SEL 55-210 lenses for SONY NEX camera

SEL 55-210 lenses for SONY NEX camera

So finally, buying electronics stuffs online vs traditional market, it is still your choice to best fit your demands, budget and time…



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