STM32F0 tutorial blinking LED

In the first tutorial, I have shown some software that you needed to install to play with STM32F0.  This STM32F0 tutorial will straight forward show how to create a new blinking LED project for STM32F0 Discovery kit with STM32CubeMX and then, generate Keil ARM project and synchronize files with Source Insight. Through this specific example, we can learn how GPIO function of the STM32F0 works compared to other 8bit microcontrollers such as AVR or PIC. This tutorial will cover:

  1. Create new project using STM32CubeMX and export project folder and generate Keil ARM project file with all necessary libraries.
  2. Set up new Source Insight project, synchronize files. Edit the code, compile and load the program into the STM32F0 Discovery kit to test.
  3. Learn some basic knowledge on STM32F0 GPIO peripheral after testing the code.

It will take you less than 30 minutes to make your F0 Discovery board’s LED blinking when you follow this tutorial. So, let’s get started.

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