It’s been nearly one year since I posted the last tutorial on using STM32F0 UART. Many things have happened during my study that gave me no chance to release any new tutorial. But I finally finished my MSc course and having some free time so I make up my mind to go back and continue with what I am interested here instead of watching cats’ and dogs’ videos on Youtube  :-P. In this post, I’ll talk about STM32F0 ADC.

Specifically, I will cover almost every part of Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) module of STM32F051 on STM32F0 Discovery board using HAL library with support from STM32CubeMX. This is applicable for other low level STM32 series as their ADC module are quite similar. I will try to cover: Fundamental knowledge of ADC; Single channel/sequence conversion, continuous and discontinuos ADC conversion with/without interrupt;

Two examples will be given: I will first try to measure the supply voltage for the STM32F0 chip, which is also the reference voltage for ADC module. Then, an example of reading the chip’s temperature using built-in temperature sensor as well as reading external analog voltage applied to analog input pin (PA1) will be made. To view the ADC conversion data and other internal variables, I will use STM Studio which has been introduced in this post.

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