Last post I have talked about my first tricopter which was made long time ago from 2012. Then I planed to make another one, but this time I intended to make a quadcopter. So I started looking for some ESCs (Electronic speed controller) online. Since having some experiences from the tricopter, I’ve tried to search for some pre-loaded Simonk ESC that I don’t have to load the simonk firmware again as it’s quite messy. Once wandering around on Ebay, Aliexpress and some other online market places, I found some really cheap simonk pre-loaded ESC and decided to try one.

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This is something about my hobby to see things fly on the sky. I have seen many people fly their rc planes or helicopters and thought it was very cool and thrilled sometimes when they performed a 3D fly – loops, rolls, flips – with their heli above the ground for a few meters. I also bought one 4ch heli to play long time ago but found it very hard to control because it always drifts. Later, I realized that it has only one gyro sensor to compensate for the yaw motion, no control on the roll and pitch. Moreover, the heli I bought was the 4 channel one, so again, there is no way to manually adjust the roll motion. Then I found the multicopter is quite interesting, simple to build so I made up my mind to build one.


DJI phantom with Gopro camera

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