This guide will explain how to take a Logo (or other simple image), that is in a digital format (BMP, JPG, PNG, etc), and turn it into a 2-tone Silk Screen Overlay in Altium Designer. The guide was created with AD10 but the process should be similar for other versions of Altium.


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I found this article about color spaces is very useful and important when we do something related to image processing, color tracking, etc… with OpenCV, Matlab or even microcontroller that could be implemented in further projects. This could give you a basic understanding on how to distinguish various types of color spaces.

This post is originally from Utkarsh Sinha,

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In many microcontroller applications, you may need to read and write data from and to outside devices through I2C, SPI, USART or ADC… peripherals. When you do this using processor – you will waste a significant amount of processing time, especially for some applications that require transferring a huge data. In order to avoid occupying CPU, most advanced microcontrollers nowadays have Direct memory Access (DMA) unit. This unit does data transfers between memory locations without the need of CPU processing. In this post, I will take STM32 DMA as an example to show the advantages of using DMA over normal transferring method.

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