I found this article about color spaces is very useful and important when we do something related to image processing, color tracking, etc… with OpenCV, Matlab or even microcontroller that could be implemented in further projects. This could give you a basic understanding on how to distinguish various types of color spaces.

This post is originally from Utkarsh Sinha, http://www.aishack.in/tutorials/color-spaces-1/

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I used to order some free samples from TI (Texas Instruments) long time ago when I was in Vietnam for my class projects. Since the import regulation in Vietnam is quite strict and the electronics market is not so potential so that only few companies provide free samples and free shipping over there. I have tried to get free samples from some big, famous companies but only TI gave me free samples that time. Now, when staying in Singapore, I have tried again to get some samples from other companies for my current project and I chose Freescale. As my project needs some sort of capacitive touch buttons so I have looked on the internet and found some quite popular and famous chips from Freescale including: MPR121 and MPR031.

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This is something about my hobby to see things fly on the sky. I have seen many people fly their rc planes or helicopters and thought it was very cool and thrilled sometimes when they performed a 3D fly – loops, rolls, flips – with their heli above the ground for a few meters. I also bought one 4ch heli to play long time ago but found it very hard to control because it always drifts. Later, I realized that it has only one gyro sensor to compensate for the yaw motion, no control on the roll and pitch. Moreover, the heli I bought was the 4 channel one, so again, there is no way to manually adjust the roll motion. Then I found the multicopter is quite interesting, simple to build so I made up my mind to build one.


DJI phantom with Gopro camera

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