Hello world!

Hello world!

Hi everyone, the title says it all: this is my first ever blog post on my first ever private page. Originally, it was hosted on a paid web host and running on a WordPress platform. This is a place where I keep all my archives, tutorials, and other stuff that would be useful not just for me but for others. I hope you will find something interesting here. Stay tuned!

Update 08/2017:

Over time, I have changed the website to several platforms and hosting places. As you may know from the other post, the website has been transferred to a Ghost-based platform running on an Orange Pi PC from my living room since August 2017.

Update 11/2019:

The Orange Pi PC is still working great after 2 years. However, the original micro SD card gave up after 2 years of continuously running. Luckily, I made a backup image of the sd card so I could clone it to a new card instantly.

Update 11/2021:

The Orange Pi PC is still working perfectly after 4 years. However, the original Ghost version is really outdated and I think it's a good time to update it to a newer version for security purposes. Eventually, I made a complete reinstallation of everything to a smaller, yet still powerful, Orange Pi Zero.