This blog is now running on an Orange Pi

Welcome to a brand new look of my blog. I finally move my blog from a paid web host on to a tiny Orange Pi PC board. I have been using Bluehost to host my Wordpress blog since 2014 and it served the purpose very well. The traffic to my site is not too much (~500 views/day) and I never put ads on it so using a paid host is something quite luxurious :P Moreover, since it is going be expired next January, I decided to stop using paid service and try something new for my blog, which is self-hosting using this orange pie:
Just kidding :D It should be this Orange Pi, not that orange pie:
This tiny beast has 4 cores and runs at 1.6GHz with 1GB of RAM, much more than what we need to serve as a private web host. It is running Armbian (linux based OS) and costs only $18 including shipping to your doorstep from Aliexpress. They even have several simpler versions mainly for running as a linux server with the price as cheap as your meal ($7).

Some useful functions are still missing from this blog but eventually, they will be added. I will make a video showing all the steps to get this blog running on an Orange Pi, which is applicable to other kinds of Pi board. That's all for this post. Stay tuned!